At Gravity, we take immense pride in fulfilling the comprehensive scope of work for this project. From design concept development and architectural and engineering projects to construction, renovation, electrical and engineering works, and security systems supply, we ensured every aspect was executed to the highest standard, creating a modern, safe, and functional workplace.

Throughout the project, our focus on sustainability was paramount. By employing the latest techniques and utilizing sustainable materials, we made the office space incredibly energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

The end result is more than just a beautiful and high-tech space; it is a dream work environment. Our carefully crafted design provides a comfortable and professional atmosphere, fostering creativity, collaboration, and productivity for Converse Bank’s employees.

Project summary


Converse Bank


Tevosyan Street, Yerevan




2500 m²


Construction and Engineering Works, Design Concept Development, Architectural Project, Electrical and Low Current Project, Electrical Cabling and Equipment Installation Work, HVAC System Supply and Installation, CCTV and Fire Alarm System Project & Installation


HVAC Group


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