When implementing Fast Bank’s branch projects, one of the most dynamically developing banks in Armenia, the Gravity team is hard at work, ensuring that every detail reflects excellence and functionality. Our team takes pride in our seamless execution of a diverse range of tasks, all aimed at transforming our partner, Fast Bank’s branches, into vibrant and highly functional spaces.

Our comprehensive services encompass construction work, design project adaptation, engineering systems design projects, and adaptation, as well as engineering work implementation, including electrical installations and HVAC solutions.

Gravity takes pride in elevating branch functionality with our advanced engineering systems project. Whether it’s electrical work or HVAC solutions, our team ensures optimal performance and sustainability. In addition, Gravity professionals produced and installed customized decorative details and finishings, ensuring that every aspect of the branch speaks to the bank’s character and image.

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Fast Bank




2023 - ongoing



Construction Works, Engineering Systems Projects & Adaptation, Engineering Work Implementation, Including Electrical Installations and HVAC Solutions, Design Project Adaptation



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