Gravity carried out the design concept development, interior design, and architectural design for the GIZ Armenia office.
At Gravity, we believe that every space has the potential to inspire, empower, and foster productivity. Our team meticulously crafted every aspect of some of the GIZ offices, aligning it seamlessly with the organisation’s brand guides. From concept to execution, our focus was on creating an environment that reflects GIZ’s values and enhances the well-being and efficiency of its employees.

One of the key highlights of this project was our careful zoning and design solutions. By strategically planning the layout and incorporating thoughtful design elements, we ensured that each room we re-designed within the office enjoys the utmost comfort and functionality. This approach not only promotes productivity but also encourages seamless communication and collaboration between different teams.

Collaborating with an esteemed organisation like GIZ, known for its dedication to social impact and development, is a great honour for us. We share their commitment to making a positive difference in Armenia, and this project allows us to contribute to that mission in our own way.

Project summary


GIZ Armenia


Hanrapetutyan Street, Yerevan




255 m²


Design Concept Development, Interior Design, Architectural Design



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